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Sliding Glass Door Repair

One of the more common sliding door issues we repair is the wheels which can become corroded, damaged or fall off the track. It is also possible that your wheels can have just been worn out over time. Getting one of our team members to come out on site remove your door and take off your old patio door rollers and add in a new replacement roller assembly will fix your repair issue. Our licensed and insured team can replace your rollers on several types of sliding doors such as sliding aluminum doors, screen doors and glass doors.


Sliding Glass Door Replacement

Look below at some of our new sliding patio doors and french sliding doors.  When you call Sliding Door Creations, you can  rest assured that we will quickly fix your roller sliding problem or fix a door that is sliding off the track. Your track may also be corroded or have dirt in the track or roller assembly causing the rollers to get “stuck” or making it so it will not open at all. We can repair and replace distorted sliding door rails, tracks and rollers for nearly any manufacturer for patio sliding doors.

Patio Door Locks

Has your patio door glass seal failed or is the door getting increasingly harder to open?  Sliding Door Creations provides complete Florida patio sliding door repair, replacement and new sliding door tempered glass solutions.

Have an issue with your sliding patio door locks?  Is your door not locking or not fitting into the hinge very well?  Maybe your sliding door handle has broken and needs repair because its so hard to slide?  Whatever your issue, our professional team at Sliding Door Creations can help!

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Ft. Lauderdale Door Repair Services

Does your Lauderdale home need door repair or sliding door replacement?
When a sliding door needs to be repaired or replaced, customers have confidence with our expert technicians. There is no other company that you can feel more secure with because we have been consistent in providing quality services for your home and business.

We are a very dependable sliding glass door repair company because we gained and maintained loyal and the most valued repair clients. We are committed to giving customers 100 percent satisfaction. Our clients not only rely on us for all their window and glass needs, they even recommend us to their families and friends.

While we also take on commercial glass sliding doors projects, our heart belongs to the homes and sliding door projects. If any of the glass windows in your home needs to be repaired or completely replaced, we are the company for you. We will take care of you every step of the way of your sliding door glass replacement from the moment you contact us until the moment that the service is completed.

Commercial and Residential Services in Ft Lauderdale

We offer door services to commercial and residential clients. Our expert technicians provide the same high caliber service for your door home and business needs.

Additional Services

We offer a wide range of door and repair services. We not only repair or replace your existing doors and windows, but also to install new ones. Beyond just doors, we can also replace glass units that you may want for doors, windows, tabletops, and shelving.

Reasons for Broken Glass

Glass can break in windows and doors (why we recommend impact glass). Even double glass door, insulated glass door, impact glass door, tempered door, and other types of door glass can break. Usually the glass breaks from flying object such as in a storm or hurricane but even from landscaping rocks, bullets, tree limbs, and other objects.

Glass can also break from binding of the glass in the frame, which causes stress on the glass at it expands and contracts due to weather changes and wind. The glass itself can also just be weak to begin with and will eventually break. Chipped edges and very thin glass can also cause it to break.

Tempered glass is also known as toughened glass and is made to shatter in very small pieces instead of large and jagged shards. These small pieces are considered less dangerous and cause less injury if your door breaks. It is made with a special process to make it tougher than regular glass. Tempered glass is used in car windows, shower doors, and residential and commercial door and windows.

Laminated sliding door glass is made up of two or more layers of glass that are held together by a middle layer. The middle layer is usually polyvinyl butyral (PVB), ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), or Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) (TPU). Laminated glass usually does not break into pieces even if it is shattered, because the other layer of glass and the middle layer keep everything together. It might look like a spiderweb when broken, but it is still in one piece and not in shards on your door.

sliding glass door repair fort lauderdale

Sliding Glass Door Repair & Replace

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We Fix Sliding Glass Door & Screen Door Repair

Our sliding patio door has probably taken the most abuse out of any door in the home.   Including the slamming doors from kids!  With summer heat and hurricane elements beating on it year after year, it’s no wonder why a sliding patio door eventually needs repairs. Be it glass door or screen door, the wear and tear on a door adds up and normal usage can lead to issues. Fortunately, some of it is a simple fix — if you know what to look for. Here are some easy sliding patio door repair tips:

Sliding patio doors don’t slide: Sliding door issues can affect a heavy glass door or a lighter screen door, but in some cases, believe it or not, sometimes the track just needs to be cleaned and blow out. Mud, grime, even dead bugs can all collect in the track of a sliding patio door. If you’ve got years of the great outdoors affecting your sliding balcony door, clean and vacuum the track and see what happens.
Sliding patio door off track: For screen doors, this is easy to fix as they’re light…Usually. Simply angle the top rollers into the track, then adjust until the bottom rollers rest on the bottom track. Be gentle — you don’t want to warp the track or bend the screen door sliding wheels. For glass doors, the process can be similar depending on the frame; however, since the door is so heavy, you might want to consider help either a sliding door professional or a knowledgeable friend to chip in.
Sliders don’t roll: Another reason why sliding patio doors don’t slide is the accumulation of wear on the rollers. For both glass and screen doors, this can be addressed by a little bit of lubrication — easy as that!  If the wheels have gone bad, you will need us to install for you though.

Glass Door Repair: We save our customers thousands by repairing their sliding glass doors instead of buying new ones!​ Sliding Door Creations is a team of sliding glass door repair & patio sliding door repair experts servicing Fort Lauderdale and South Florida.

Of course, there are bigger issues that might require professional door help. Cracked or broken glass is dangerous and needs an experienced person to address it. Warped frames and castings could be the symptoms of bigger damage and also directly affect your home’s architecture and require a specialist to address it. Here’s where common sense kicks in: if it seems dangerous or difficult, play it safe and get a door quote from a professional.

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Robert is no stranger to hard work and working with his hands.  He has experience in installing windows, carpentry, and found his niche working with patio doors in Fort Lauderdale.  A family owned business, treating customers right and making beautiful sliding door creations is his passion.  

At Sliding Door Creations, we are all about our customers, not about ourselves.  We figure, if we do a great job, we will make a good living.  Call us today if you are in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and need help with your patio doors.  We are opening new locations constantly.  Right now we are in Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach & Fort Myers.  We plan on launching a Tampa and Jacksonville branch soon.

Robert oliver

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Neal L.
Neal L.
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The impact sliding doors arrived and appeared exactly as they looked on website. The installers were friendly and patient with all my questions. I would definitely recommend!
George E.
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Our technician was professional, always prompt, but even better, understood the unique stylistic needs of window replacement in our historic house. Collaboration was easy, including a meeting with my carpenter. She was always available for questions. Pella windows and doors are good products and the ongoing technical support is really helpful. Highly recommend Sliding Door Creations.
Steve M.
Steve M.
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Our sliding deck door was really hard to move and we got quotes from several companies to get a new sliding door. Sliding door creations gave us an option for either getting a new door or fixing the one we had. Saved us a bunch of money!

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